Design Guidelines, Managed code and the .NET Framework

Brad Abrams

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RIA Developer's Journal I made the fairly bold statement at my PDC09 talk that a DomainService IS A WCF Service.  That is, everything you know about a WCF service should be true of a DomainService.  I didn’t have time to get into this in my talk, so I thought I’d hit the highlights here.  And in the process show how to consume a DomainService from a WinForms.    You can also see more examples at: You need: Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 (this actually works exactly the same in VS2008 and the corresponding RIA Services drop) Silverlight 4 Beta You can download the completed solution as well. and be sure to check out the full talk. 1. Getting to the Service The first thing we need to do is get at the data underlying service.  In the mainstream Silverlight case this is all handled for you by the implicit link between the Silverligh... (more)

Accessing the ASP.NET Authentication, Profile and Role Service in Silverlight

In ASP.NET 2.0, we introduced a very powerful set of application services in ASP.NET (Membership, Roles and profile).  In 3.5 we created a client library for accessing them from Ajax and .NET Clients and exposed them via WCF web services.    For more information on the base level ASP.NET appservices that this walk through is based on, please see Stefan Schackow's excellent book Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Security, Membership, and Role Management. In this tutorial I will walk you through how to access the WCF application services from a directly from the Silverlight client.  This wor... (more)

Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services wirth NHibernate

I am having a blast with the series where I am updating my simple Mix 09 Business Application demo.  In this part, I wanted to explore one of the most popular data access solution for .NET – NHibernate.  Many customers finds that the flexibility of NHibernate makes it easier for them to build maintainable and testable applications.  As an aside, I think NHibernate is an excellent example of the vibrant open source community on .NET that I’d like to support.  You can see the full series here. The demo requires (all 100% free and always free): VS2008 SP1 Silverlight 3 RTM .NET RIA... (more)

Silverlight 4 + RIA Services - Ready for Business: Validating Data

To continue our series let’s look at data validation our business applications. Updating data is great, but when you enable data update you often need to check the data to ensure it is valid.  RIA Services as clean, prescriptive pattern for handling this.   First let’s look at what you get for free.  The value for any field entered has to be valid for the range of that data type.  For example, you never need to write code to ensure someone didn’t type is “forty-two” into a textbox bound to an int field. You also get nice looking and well behaved validation exposure in the UI. ... (more)

Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM - Part 7

I wanted to continue with the enhancements to my  Mix09 talk “building business applications with Silverlight 3”.   In this section I am going to show how to get data from a REST based web services rather than directly using Entity Framework or Linq to Sql.  Let’s focus on the cloud source of data.  We will use the same sample from the previous parts and change only the data access part to go against ADO.NET Data Services as the data store.    This pattern might be useful if you do not control your database directly and need to go through a services layer to access it.  The de... (more)